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“I am so very proud of my older sister, Marie Janelle, for being a woman of excellence! Her insight, experience and care for the hearts of children are like none other! I believe this book will become a favorite for little ones, teachers and parents!”

~Nicole C. Mullen, Recording artist, Songwriter, Entrepreneur



Excited but afraid, four-year-old Whitney is attending preschool for the first time.


Follow Whitney as she faces her fears and discovers the wonderful world of preschool. This social emotional story helps children from preschool through 1st grade to adjust better to new situations and other developmental experiences, such as facing fears, making friends, taking-turns, and building self-regulation skills.

I Love School is a story based on the author’s personal experience of attending a Head Start preschool classroom, when she was four years old.

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“I Love School is a wonderful book for preschool aged children! Marie beautifully colors a picture of what the joyous days of learning can look like for children entering this perfectly tailored environment. As an educator, I am thrilled to share this story with my students and encourage them to find their own favorite moments while in school.”

~Melody Davis, M.A.,

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Heritage International School

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