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NEW! Children's book:

Benjamin's Backyard!

Benjamin, an energetic six year old boy, loves to play in his backyard with his dog and friends; until they leave his backyard as a big mess without cleaning after themselves. Ben becomes angry and refuses to play in his backyard again. Through help from his grandpa, Daddy- Gramps, Ben must learn the valuable lesson of personal responsibility, forgiveness and setting boundaries.
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Marie is an early childhood education professional

and children's book author! She is passionate about enhancing the education, social-development and faith of children in all walks of life.


"My great-nephews both loved the book! They asked me to order a book for one of their friends! ... It taught them to not hold grudges, but communicate their feelings and be forgiving! 


They loved the dog named Quin because one of the them is named DeQuincy (we call him Quin). They also liked the grandfather character, it reminded them of their Pop-Pops"

- Dewanda Kelly

- (Pictured: Daelyn and DeQuincy 8 year old twins)



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Includes: Newly added Home & School Tips  

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2nd Edition ... Available now  !

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